Ilse Frost Garrett

Ilse in 1971 ~ and ~ in 2012

"Life is wonderful and my faith is the number 1 reason I am here to enjoy life!"

Ilse "Lacey" Frost Garrett

September 22, 1953 ~ October 20, 2012

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Ilse “Lacey” Garrett, age 59 of Seguin, passed away on Saturday, October 20, 2012. She lived to laugh and loved life to the fullest. Lacey touched the hearts and lives of many. She will be missed by all who knew her. “Be kind to all you meet, each of us carries a burden that others can’t see.” Lacey was preceded in death by her father, Don Garrett; her sister, Kathleen Prosk; her brother, Ian McNeel and mother, Ita Frost Garrett McNeel. She is survived by her son, Michael Garrett; grandchildren, Mikaela and Coleman Garrett; her forever best friend, Larry Paul; aunt and uncle, Pat and Tom Frost and extended family. In lieu of flowers, the family request memorial contributions be given to The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, 205 W. Olmos Drive, San Antonio, TX 78212. Rev. Dr. Patrick Gahan officiated at Ilse's Memorial Service at Porter Loring McCullough

April 2012 ~ Port Aransas

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Remembering Ilse ...

In 2001, when word circulated on that helpers and planners were needed for our 30 Year Reunion, Ilse was among the first to volunteer, in fact, to co-chair the event. She helped locate our "lost" class members, a daunting and difficult task at times. She offered to create a Memorial Book, for display at the reunion, and beyond. She researched online for obituaries; she wrote heartfelt letters to the families of our deceased classmates, requesting written memories, stories, photos, obituaries, etc. Over the months, as she received loving and grateful letters from families and friends of the deceased, she became more and more committed and dedicated to her task of remembering and memorializing our fallen friends through the Memorial Book, a Display Board for the reunion, and on our new web site.
Ilse also took on the tedious & time consuming task of scanning all of the headshots from our Olmos yearbook, to be used on the web site and for reunion name badges. Over the course of 2001, as I was starting up the web site, Ilse and I spoke and laughed frequently by phone and email. She researched prospective locations for the reunion, and then later on, was responsible for the cleverly painted glass centerpieces, which we used at the 30th reunion. Ilse kept me laughing and encouraged me when I'd get overwhelmed by web site and reunion logistics. We corresponded practically daily by email, & I grew to love her email sign-off "Ciao dahlink!" It always made me smile. With Ilse in Boerne, and I in Austin, we started a tradition of bi-weekly evening "happy hour" conference call discussions - sipping wine in front of our computers and talking logistics & planning.
In the years since 2001, Ilse continued to forward sad news of classmates' passing, to me for the web site, and kept me updated on what was going on in her life. In her 2011 updated BIO, her words radiated how happy she was with her life, and how much pride and love she has for her family and dearest friends. Today, we lovingly add Ilse to our list of classmates gone before us, as she has so respectfully done for those who went before her. So, for now, dear Ilse, bless you for touching our lives, and, Ciao Dahlink! and rest in peace. ~ Toni Schmid Stevenson

Ilse's reflections from elementary school: ... I was in Mrs. Hanson.s class and remember the day President Kennedy was shot. Our class had been at PE when we were called back to class. I remember wondering why we were missing PE, and then Mr. Huff the principal came on the intercom to tell us that the president had been shot. I seem to remember a TV being turned on and Walter Cronkite was there telling the world that JFK was dead. He had tears in his eyes. Julie Brown freaked out and a lot of the kids were crying. I remember just sitting there in a daze wondering what was going to happen to our country. (in the JFK photo) I want to say that Sheri Gerth was in Mrs. Hansons class too. My eyes are getting too old, but I think that is Sheri behind the fence in the girl scout uniform. I believe David Camp was also in our class. I think Sara Ryan was in Mrs Meyers class in 6th grade. Jeff Cotham was in Mrs. Crawford's 4th grade class with me. He moved to Germany with his family during that school year. ~ Ilse
I just don't remember much of those days anymore, except spending time with Larry Stenger, Larry Williams and Taylor Sealy while they built go-carts and Christmas tree forts." ~ Ilse Garrett

She was brave enough to ride in some of the go-carts we fabricated and rode on Castano. ~ Taylor Sealy

Christmas Tree Forts Memory: I vividly remember building the Christmas tree forts at the Bennett's house .... with Ilse, Kathleen, Lindy, Fraser, and Tobin Stitt! ~ Day Doughty Smith

.. .when i came to school i was new, and she friended me, very few people would even TALK to me much less be my friend, but ILSE DID! & I’ll always LOVE her!
Ilse made my time in AH bearable & gave me good, no great memories of her! she was like my Angel, and i can still remember sitting on her bedroom floor, one day at lunch listening to Iron Butterfly for the 1st time & how inagaddadavida & Her friendship, changed my life. she came to my 15th BD surprise party, she found me on the internet somehow & she called me on the phone one day to tell me about her son and her life! wow! & its funny how alike we were, in some ways, like her love for bikes, and the whole look & life & we have tattoos! she was just the sweetest, kind hearted & fun friend, we all wish we had in life. i smile when i remember her! I met her family too, and she met mine. she hung out w/ me at school, which meant the world to me.... she had a great smile! i remember just about all of those in the memorable section also, like shera davis, another sweet heart! i .cant belive so many passed, makes you look at life alot different, i had other people who were friendly, it wasnt all bad of course. ~ Jeanne Smith

Ilse's 2011 BIO Update: "As far as adventures go, since last we wrote these, I have gone back to riding motorcycles.  My ex and I bought a bike in Florida and flew down to Ft. Lauderdale and rode it back to Texas and it was the best trip I've had in a long time. I was almost killed in 2009 when a truck ran a stop sign and hit myself and my boyfriend at the time broadside.  I almost lost my life and almost lost my leg. BUT...I'm alive, my leg was saved, I can walk and things are getting better.  I still ride, but now I ride me own; 2010 Ultra Classic Trike. I live way out in the country alone with my cat, but around my friends and it's the best place to be.
"Life is wonderful and my faith is the number 1 reason I am here to enjoy life!"

3/13/09 "Proud of my granddaughter Mikaela Ashlyn and grandson Coleman Levi"

Ilse's BIO as of Summer 2001:

Began 1st Grade at St. Lukes Episcopal School. My first Grade teacher was Mrs. Lewis. 2nd Grade, Mrs. Crow.
Spare time? <laughing> You're joking, right? I thought once the kids were grown and gone, we would have spare time. But I don't know where it is! I guess spare time would be hunting and reading.
Most important to me is my family. Then I would have to say wildlife conservation.
I would like to be remembered as someone who loved life, her family, and her friends. Someone that could be counted on to help in whatever way she could.
Advice to children: Believe in yourself and be true to yourself.
Awards: Blue ribbons at the Uintah County Fair for needlework, recognition's Honored along with other volunteers in 2000 for working at the Boerne Animal Shelter since '99.
Adventures: I' m not very adventurous. For me, it was leaving Texas and moving to Utah for 3 years. I spent most of my time in the mountains photographing wildlife.
I am most proud of my son, Michael. He is the air that I breathe.
Greatest accomplishment: Raising my son to be the incredible young man he is today. I know all parents are proud of their children. I consider myself among the luckiest.
On a day off: Work on my genealogy.

In 2001, Ilse took on the task of creating a Memorial Scrapbook. Here is her Preface, in her words:

While working on our 30th Reunion, I took upon myself the task of paying tribute to the Alumni whom have passed away. As I get older, I begin to realize my own mortality and wonder how I would be remembered, if at all. Would anyone be curious as to how I left this world? Did I have any family? What did my friends have to say about me? Or, would I just pass into the next life, unnoticed.

We went to school with these men and women. Some knew them from 1st Grade, maybe even earlier. But, did we REALLY know them? I'm no better at keeping in touch than the next person. Maybe that is why I took on this project.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of information to go by. This is an ongoing project. The information that I do have is gathered from family and friends and a lot of research. I will, to the best of my ability, continue to gather information and memories from anyone who wishes to contribute. Some of our alumni met tragic endings. All died way too young. But, hopefully, all will be remembered in years to come.

I invite anyone to add one line or entire page to this album. Pictures would be greatly appreciated, copied and returned.

Ilse Garrett, September 2001

NOTE: We have migrated the Memorial Book to these web pages. Toni can use any and all help, finding obituaries, photos, memories, etc.

Grandson, Coleman Levi

Granddaughter, Mikaela Ashlyn

"He is the air that I breathe"


April 2012 ~ Ilse and her Goddesses in Port A

2008 Michael & Lauri Family

2006 Best Friends Forever

2003 ~ Michael, with his wife Lauri

Ilse loves her son Michael
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2001 ~ 30 Year Reunion: Ilse & Toni, co-coordinators ~ Ilse with Rusty & Howard Adams

2001 Reunion - Lyn, Lynn, Ilse, Paula

Ilse's AHHS Interests & Accomplishments as listed in 1971 Olmos
Chaps 1,2; Library Club 1, 2; Los Cuates 1; Projectionists Club Secretary 2; O.E.A 3

1971 Piedra Negras, Mexico - Home Economics Club?

Projectionists Club 1968-1969, Secretary

From Taylor Sealy, November 2012:
When I went home for Thanksgiving, my mom found this picture of Ilse from 1965. She’s on the end next to her sister Kathleen, of course. As for the rest of us, I am in the go cart, Larry Williams is on the end, and Ross Laughead is next to him and Kathleen. I guess us boys built the go cart, but I can’t remember that part. 1965 in front of Ilse’s house on Castano Ilse on the right, next to her sister Kathleen. Taylor Sealy in the go-cart, Larry Williams is on the left, Ross Laughead. The boys built the go-cart.
“She was brave enough to ride in some of the go-carts we fabricated and rode on Castano.” – Taylor Sealy

St Luke's, 2nd Grade, Mrs Crow


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