40th Reunion
September 24, 2011

Dinner & Live Band
Location: The Witte Museum

Live Music by The Neon Shakers & Cain's Children

Last Updated: November 16, 2011

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CLaSS of 1971 40th Reunion
♪ See You In September ♫
originally recorded by The Tempos

Very VERY Special Thanks to
Mr & Mrs Paul Foerster, Mr. Paul Crockett and AHHS Band Members, Rev. Dr. Chrys Lambros Parker, J.D., Mary 'BooBoo' Jockush Reynolds, Tressa Lyn Billings, Day Doughty Smith, Max Wier, Gordon Stevenson, Doug Barnes, Roy Campbell, Elizabeth Smith Stratemann, Don Mayfield, Kathleen Drought Danysh, Elizabeth Webb Wendel, Eric Renth, Rick Shaw, Kellis Chandler, Shannon Gilliland Nisbet, Lyn Straus Selig, Toni Schmid Stevenson, Neka Scarbrough-Jenkins, Michael & Donna Kelling Photography, AH Foundation, Class of '70 Reunion Committee, Witte Museum, El Jarro & La Fonda Staff

Order Witte Event Photos: Class Photo 8x10 Print and/or Photo CD by Kelling Photography
The class group photo turned out nicely. You can actually see everyone, including Mr & Mrs Foerster!
Kelling did not charge us to provide photography services, however, they do rely on 8x10 Print and CD sales to justify their time spent with us. If you forgot to get your photos Saturday night, you can still order. 8x10 Class Photo Print $15. 129-Candids CD $15 www.kellingphotography.com
CLICK HERE to View or Order the 8x10 Print or the 129-candids CD, or both. $15.00 each plus t&s
CLICK HERE to View or Order individual candid prints, various sizes.

A Note from Toni:

I was overwhelmed by the sweet outpouring of kudos and thank you’s, which Gordon and I have received. I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of an enthusiastic, creative, open minded group of volunteers listed below
, and my 'git 'er done' logistics and idea man, Gordon.

What a truly enjoyable weekend.

Friday La Fonda Mixer was a good "ice-breaker" for those of us who hadn't seen some of these folks in up to 40 years.

Saturday at Pearl Park provided a low key venue to hang out with old and new friends in a relaxed and pretty setting.

Witte, well, what can I say.. the stars all lined up for us. Highlights for me included a surprise serenade (thank you Gordon) by 53 members of the current AHHS Band, kicking off our evening with the AHHS School Song, Fight Song, The Horse, and a couple other jazzy oldies. And then later on, Chrys Lambros Parker's heartfelt, eloquently and lovingly delivered Invocation and Prayer for our deceased classmates.
Mr Paul Foerster and Mrs Peggy McCaskill Foerster were our delightful, honored guests, and we recognized our classmate, Mike Lyman, presenting him with our first "Distinguished Graduate" Award. Cain's Children outdid themselves and the Neon Shakers sounded fabulous. I don't recall ever seeing so many relaxed, smiling, jolly, sincere faces as I did on Saturday evening. Even Guests and Spouses seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Good vibes all weekend, and I look forward to our "turnin' 60" gathering in 2013; and to a simple 45th Mini-Reunion in 2016; and to, of course, our 50th Reunion in 2021, on which I will be honored to work - GO MULES! - Toni
PS: Thank you to all of class of '71 for the lovely earrings, roses, cards, and Paesanos Gift Card. I appreciate them very much.


Reunion Photos and Videos of Friday & Saturday Events
If you took photos or videos, please send them to me by disc, email, or web-share - tschmid@austin.rr.com

View Photos of Friday & Saturday Events on our Shutterfly Site

... and more great Witte photos on Neka Scarbrough-Jenkins' photobucket

We invited our Class Members and Teachers from Elementary School, Jr School, or AHHS - between 1959 and 1971, even if they did not graduate with us.
And the AHHS Classes of '68, '69, '70, and '72


Invocation and Memorial Prayer
Rev. Dr. Chrys Lambros Parker
, 24 September 2011

       According to Webster's dictionary, a "reunion" is a coming together of those who have experienced a period of separation.  But all of us present here tonight know that it is much, much more.
           For some, it is the opportunity to embrace dozens of friends.  For others, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to seek out and thank the one person who did not abandon you when you suddenly found yourself socially infected in third grade by a "koodies" pandemic; the one who would always run the 600 with you in junior high; the one who loyally continued to sit with you in the cafeteria when no one else would, until you graduated from Alamo Heights High School and into the life beyond it.
          Reunion is more than just the exchange of business cards, Facebook addresses, and invitations to become "Linked In".  It is an occasion for sitting back and reflecting on the hourglass of our lives, and on our expenditure of that stuff of which our lives are elementally made… TIME.   It is the "currency" of life which only the Almighty can mint.   How have we spent it? What dividends have we reaped?  Have we simply hoarded ourselves away for a rainy day that may never come, or joyously distributed our "human capital", interest free, among our fellow men?  What truths do we know about ourselves today, that we did not know as high school seniors?
           No, I think that reunion is not JUST a dinner, a dance, or a walk around the emblem in the entranceway of our alma mater.  It is a return to the very point of our beginning, to take stock of what we have learned, and count ourselves mightily blessed to have the opportunity to do so.
          If THIS be the true measure of reunion, then the 34 classmates who left our midst too soon are every bit as much engaged in this occasion, as if they were with us still.  For in their reaching what WE may believe was the end point of their lives, they have in truth returned to that cosmic point of THEIR beginnings. Each of them was someone's son or daughter, husband, wife, mother, father or grandparent. Most importantly, each of them was a friend to someone in this room.
           We remember them tonight so that we may acknowledge their passing, feel the tender pangs of their loss, and have gratitude for the friendship which they blessed us.  SO… let us invite them to this party and include them into the communal return to the place of our beginnings.  We lovingly remember:
           Bob Adams, Richard A. Bailey, Bill Ryan Baker, Jr., Ed Chambers, Jim Collins, Marshall Cooper, Shera Sue Davis, Edmund Eichenroht, Mike Fisher, Nance Frese, Sherri Gerth Huckleberry, Mark Hamilton, Debbie Harding, Diane Hillman, Kathy Keating, Pat Landrum, Linda Mc Dougall, Mac McSwain, John K. Moses, Carolyn Good Mueller, David Overstreet, David Richardson, Valerie Riley Fisher, Bill Rives, Garry Samuels, Joe Sielski, Louis Edgar Smith, Susie Stanberry, Blake Steinberg, Elizabeth Stubbs, Tommy Sykes, Robert Turnbull, Quinn Williams and Clyde Witkowski.

          There is a great prayer * that speaks to us in moments such as this.  It is not a prayer for the departed, but their prayer for all of us.  I think it is their legacy, their wisdom to be given to us, and it goes like this:

When I die, if you need to weep, cry for the suffering person
who is walking the street beside you.

And when you need me, put your arms aroung others,
and give them what you need to give to me.

You can love me most by letting your hand touch other hands,
and letting your soul touch other souls.

You can love me most by sharing your joys
and multiplying your good deeds.

You can love me most by letting me live,
not just in your mind, but in the kindness through which
your eyes see your fellow man.

And when you say the memorial prayers for me,
remember what the Scripture teaches:

Love doesn't die.  Only people do.

So, when all that's left of me is love…

Give me away.

          The time to give ourselves away in love for others is not someday.
It is NOW.  Until we meet our departed friends at that one Great Homecoming, let us remember them in love and ROCK ON !

          (*Postscript:  A number of people have asked about the origin of this beautiful prayer.  Since learning it, it has been a part of every funeral or memorial I have ever officiated, and has served as a guide for the living of my daily life.  For the gift to me of this beautiful Jewish prayer, I acknowledge my friend and colleague, the Rabbi Julie Danaan, who included it in a memorial service which we co-officiated on 9-19 for Jay Daniel Stein, who was killed on the 73rd Floor of World Trade Center Tower One. Shalom, Julie. ~ Chrys Lambros Parker)

"Ode to Forgetfulness"

Recap of 40th Reunion Weekend Activities:

Friday Sep 23

Mules Homecoming Game
"Re-Meet & Re-Greet" Mixer at La Fonda Alamo Heights in Sunset Ridge

Saturday Sep 24

Golf - Saturday morning, at multi-million dollar revamped Brackenridge Park Golf Course
Golf Scores coming soon

Tour of Alamo Heights High School: on Saturday morning, Elizabeth Smith Stratemann, daughter of Day & Paxton Smith, and teacher at AHHS led a tour through the halls of our alma mater.

Brown Bag Lunch at Pearl Park Amphitheatre www.atpearl.com

40th Reunion Party at The Witte ~ THE MAIN EVENT - 7-11pm
Our evening started off with a surprise appearance and serenade by AHHS Band Members. The played the AHHS School Song, The Horse, a couple other 'period' tunes, and ended the Fight Song. Thank you Gordon for arranging for this fun surprise!
Delicious Mexican Dinner Buffet Catered by: El Jarro de Arturo
Live Bands: The Neon Shakers with special guests, Cain's Children

Professional Photographer: Kelling Photography. Keepsake Class Photos printed on site at the Witte, and available for purchase as well as a CD of candid photos. More details to come on how to order the Class Photo print and/or Photo CD.

Two special presentations were made on Saturday evening:

Mr and Mrs Paul Foerster were introduced and presented with a Donation by the Class of 1971 to the Paul A Foerster Mathematics Fund.
More detail to come.

Mike Lyman was introduced by Gordon Stevenson and John Heaney, and presented with our first Distinguished Graduate award:

Alamo Heights High School
Distinguished Graduate Class of 1971
Captain Michael D. Lyman
US Public Health Service
In Recognition of Humanitarian Services World Wide
Presented by Your Classmates
Reunion 2011


Read more about Mike HERE

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Gordon & Toni Schmid Stevenson

Anonymous (1)


Super Pooper Scoopers
Jenny & Rick Schimpff
Blanca Maria & Mannti Cummins
(Mannti was an actual AH Pooper Scooper for years .. he definately "knows the business end of the animal.")
Gary Gates
Ann Wigodsky
Anonymous (1)
Jamie and Elizabeth Baskin
Mr & Mrs John P. Kimball, Jr.
Randy Mayo

Ken Barber
Kellis Chandler

Bowen Moursund
Anonymous (1)
John and Mary (BooBoo) Jockusch Reynolds
Blake (John) Hardy
John and Judy Arizpe
Walton Tassos Selig
David Henkes
Lynn Fawcett Russell
Bettie Bernhardt Borton
Roy Campbell
Kathryn West
Peggy Becker Payne
Sarah Ryan Carpenter
Joe Labatt

Caledonia Compadres
Devereaux Temple

Jim Kerr
Steve Muegge

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40th Reunion Volunteers

Registration/Database/Website/Treasurer: Toni Schmid Stevenson
Lost Class Members Search Team:
Peggy, Max Wier, Gordon Stevenson, Lyn Staus Selig, Sarah Ryan Carpenter, Kathleen Drought Danysh, Tressa Lyn Billings, Day Doughty Smith, Lili Simpson, Walton Tassos Selig
In Memoriam Display:
Elizabeth Webb Wendel, Kathleen Drought Danysh
Live Bands Liaison: Doug Barnes
Photo Slide Show & pre-band tunes:
Name Badges: Tressa Lyn Billings and Toni
Teachers: Anyone who can contact teachers, mentors from our school days
La Fonda Mixer:
Rick Shaw, BooBoo, Toni
Tour of AHHS: Elizabeth Smith Stratemann
Golf Organizers: Max Wier, Blake Middleton, Bowen Moursund
Pearl Park:
Lyn Straus Selig, Kathleen Drought Danysh
AHHS Marching Band Liaison: Gordon Stevenson
El Jarro and Witte Museum Liaison: Toni Schmid Stevenson
Witte Set-Up: Jimmy O'Brien, and several others
Memorabilia Display/Decorations: Gordon Stevenson, Sarah Ryan Carpenter, Mary 'BooBoo' Jockush Reynolds, Day Doughty Smith, Tressa Lyn Billings
Candid Photography: Eric Renth and other willing classmates
Professional Photographer for Group Photo & Candids CD:
Kelling Photography

. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . .
. .

40th Reunion Organizing Helpers

Doug Barnes
Toni Schmid Stevenson
Gordon Stevenson
Max Wier
Sarah Ryan Carpenter
Tressa Lyn Billings

Jimmy O'Brien

Eric Renth

Mary 'BooBoo' Jockush Reynolds

Lyn Straus Selig
Kathleen Drought Danysh
Elizabeth Webb Wendel
Chrys Lambros Parker

Blake Middleton
Lili Simpson
Walton Tassos Selig
Gary Gates
Day Doughty Smith
Bowen Moursund
Roy Campbell

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190+ Attendees

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Attendee in order of Registration:
(attending at least one event)

Toni Schmid Stevenson '71
Gordon Stevenson '71

BooBoo Jockusch Reynolds '71
John Reynolds, Guest
John Porter '71
Lyn Straus Selig '71
Pete Selig, Guest
Bill Thomas '71
Pam Jones Wilkins '71
Craig Wilkins, Guest
Rick Schimpff '71
Jenny Schimpff, Guest
Elizabeth Webb Wendel '71
Stephen Wendel, Guest
Walton Tassos Selig '71
Jeff Selig, Guest
Karen Pogue '71
Gary Gates '71
Kip Gilliland '71
Kip's Guest
Ann Wigodsky '71
Mary Goodnight Amis '71
Chuck Amis, Guest
Susan McCullough Altgelt '71
Ernie Altgelt '71
Mannti Cummins '71
Blanca Maria Cummins, Guest
Mark Davis '71
Audrey Davis, Guest
Day Doughty Smith '71
Paxton J. Smith, Guest '70
David (Bo) Shaw '71
Bob Schenken '71
Suzy Sledge '71
Julie Ingle Redburn '71
David Henkes '71
Danielle Henkes, Guest
John Heaney '71
Diedra Heaney, Guest
Deborah Ford Femat
Dev Temple '71 (Friday only)
Jane Temple, Guest (Friday)
Mark A. Jacob '71
Lynda N. Jacob, Guest
Graham T. Hall '71
Tom Feuerbacher '71
Kristin Feuerbacher, Guest
Tressa Lea Lynn Billings '71
Tay Mason '71
Kelly Requa, Guest (AHHS '81)
Winifred Reser Bishop '71
John Bishop, Guest
Jamie Baskin '71
Liz Baskin, Guest
Bill Dinius '71
Tom Jackson '71
Jerrie Jackson, Guest
Doug Barnes '71
Jan Barnes, Guest
Lynn Fawcett Russell '71
John Russell, Guest
Mike Caruthers '71
LaQuita Caruthers, Guest
Cathy Krause Spencer '71
John Spencer, Guest
Randy Mayo '71
Carolyn Creamer Mayo '72 (Friday)
Rachel Harmon '71
Ross Laughead '71
Beth Laughead, Guest
Mike Lyman '71
Karen McNish, Guest
Terry Peterson '71
Jimmy Jung '71
Jeanne McCreless Jung, Guest
Eric Renth '71
Phyllis Renth, Guest
Guy Ruff '71
Susan Ruff, Guest
Lili Simpson Wheeler '71
Ned Wheeler, Guest
Dell Acosta Gonzalez '71
Leonard Gonzales, Guest
Kent Quereau '71
Caren Martin Gaffney '71
Ellen Maniatis Snowden '71
Cricket Kleine Lehmberg '71
Blake Middleton '71
Kathy Middleton, Guest
Charles "Spook" Gordon '71
Laurie Gordon, Guest



In 2001, 270 classmates, guests, and teachers attended our events

Don't recognize some of these names?
Click Here to view 1971 Photos (Class Roster)

Connie Stressenger Valente '71
Ken Barber, '71 Grad Air Academy H.S.(CO)
Rhonda Barber, Guest
Joshua Barber, Guest
Lynn Moreland Jung '71
Richard Jung, Guest '70
Kellis Chandler '71
Micki Ussery '71
Jim Foster '71
Jimbo Roberts '71
Max Wier '71
Anne Wier, Guest
Hollis Pantalion '71
Jeff Binney '71
Kathy Binney, Guest
Steve Golden '71
Libby Golden, Guest
Tony Massoth '71
Kakky Anderson Dyer '71
Jim Dyer, Guest
Steve Muegge '71
Roy Campbell '71
Debbie Campbell, Guest
Jill Rips '71
Jimmy O'Brien '71
Carol O'Brien, Guest
David Ludwig '71
Bettie Bernhardt Borton '71
Sandra Nelson Hoffman '71
David Hoffman, Guest
John Arizpe '71
Judy Arizpe, Guest
Dennis Edwards '71
Callie Edwards, Guest
Adam Edwards, Guest
Haley Edwards, Guest
Jenna Edwards, Guest
Larry Huante '71
Sarah Ryan Carpenter '71
Fred Holliday '71
Martha Jackson James '71
Betty Wray Venson '71
Mike Venson, Guest
Colin Campbell '71
Nancy Hamner Avellar '71
Ellen Smith Fortunato '71
Maureen Busby '71
Betsy Collins Brant '71 (Friday)
Henry Grun '71
Janet Grun, Guest
Doug Rennels '71
Josie Thompson Shaw '71
Ted Shaw, Guest
Jimmy Manns '71
Susan Pollock Manns, Guest
Richard Walthall '71
Kathy Wathall, Guest
Jana Orsinger '71
Bill Orr, Guest
Cynthia Cooper O'Connor '71 (Friday)
Dan O'Connor, Guest (Friday)
John Clark '71
Rick Linn, Guest - Cain's keyboards
Bob Comer '71
Teresa Comer, Guest
Clay Prystash '71
Linna Prystash, Guest
Lorna Adams '71
Kathy Dreyfus Grotta '71
Mary O'Neill Kimball '71 (Friday)
John Kimball, Guest (Friday)
Meredith Wheeler '71
Sally Helland '71
Cindy Savage Hooper '71 (Fri & Pearl)
Claire "Sissy" Flournoy Arnett '71
Bubba Groos '71
Diana Odegard Brauhn '71
Jeff Dunn '71
Jim Kerr '71 TMI Graduate
Bill Harshaney '71
Bill Harshaney Guest
Mark "Dino" Eastwood '71
Wanda Eastwood, Guest
Jon Gilhousen '71
Chrys Lambros Parker '71
Karleen Kaufman Kusin '71
Joe Labatt '71
Carolyn Labatt, Guest
Donna Meurin Hopkins '71
Roger Hopkins, Guest
Mark Sullivan '71
Ernie Akers '71 (Friday)
Joann Hunt Doyal '71 (Friday)
Christine Moye '71 (Friday)
John Saunders '71 (Friday)
Shelley Daniel Janicek '71 (Golf)
Donnie Janicek (Golf)
Bowen Moursund '71 (Golf)
Mike Grimes '71 (Golf)

199 attended at least one event this year

We'll see you in 2021 if not before


Mr. Paul Foerster
Mrs. Peggy McCaskill Foerster

Attendees from other Classes:
Neka (Sistrunk) Scarbrough-Jenkins '70
Melissa Childers-Whtie '70
Wayne Christian '70
Susan Pratt '70
Richard Jackson '72 (Fri only)
Cliff Oliver '70 Cain's Children guitar
John Mathis '70 Cain's sound crew
Don Mayfield '70
and, already listed on the left:
Paxton J. Smith '70
Richard Jung '70
Carolyn Creamer Mayo '72

Traveled in from afar:
Idaho: Lili Simpson Wheeler
Colorado: Ken Barber
Georgia: Connie Stressenger Valente
Kabul, Afghanistan/DC: Mike Lyman
Maryland: Caren Martin Gaffney
Tennessee: Lynn Moreland Jung
South Carolina: Walton Tassos Selig; Bill Dinius
Alabama: Bettie Bernhardt Borton
Virginia: Ellen Smith Fortunato
Nebraska: Doug Rennels

Saturday Golfers:
Tay Mason
Terry Peterson
Mike Caruthers
Randy Mayo
Jimmy Jung
Richard Jung
Roy Campbell
Ellen Maniatis Snowden
Jimmy Manns
Susan Manns
Mike Grimes
Dennis Edwards
Max Wier
Anne Wier
Bowen Moursund
Blake Middleton
Leonard Gonzalez
John Arizpe
Shelley Daniel Janicek
Donnie Janicek

Also dropped by La Fonda:

Bobby Hasslocher
Danny Fletcher
who else?


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Our Teachers, Coaches, Mentors who have attended prior reunions

Mrs. Mary Zuschlag, who started at AHHS as a new Teacher in 1967, the same time we entered as Freshmen, regrets that she is otherwise engaged and cannot attend, but wishes us all well for our 2011 40th Class Reunion celebration.
And, sadly, Mr. Eng, who also began at Heights with us, has passed away since our last reunion.

In 2001 at our 30th Reunion these Teachers attended various reunion events:
Mr. Richard Cranford & Mrs. Susie Cranford
Mrs. Nila K. Earle (now deceased)
Mrs. Elaine Carol & Mr. Leonard Carol (Mrs Carol now deceased)
Mrs. Caroline (formerly Mrs Carpenter) Olson Flannery & Mr. John Flannery (Mrs Flannery now deceased)
Mrs. Mary Zuschlag & Kenneth Zuschlag
Mr. Johnnie Eng (picnic) - now deceased
Mrs. Lee (Woodridge Elementary First Grade Teacher)
Mrs. Gates (Woodridge Elementary First Grade Teacher)

Mrs Lee, Woodridge Elementary First Grade Teacher was honored on Friday by several of her former pupils
Doug Barnes brought his Woodridge Elementary First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Gates, to our Reunion Party.