Cain's Children

1964 - 1971

September 24, 2011 - Cain's Children will share the stage with Neon Shakers at our 40th Reunion
Doug Barnes, Mark Eastwood, David Ludwig, Kent Quereau, Cliff Oliver, and Rick Linn sitting in for Steve McClelland

Mark "Dino" Eastwood – Bass, Vocals
David Ludwig - Drums
Doug Barnes – Lead Vocals, cow bell, tambourine
& harmonica
Kent Quereau – Lead & Slide Guitar
, Vocals
Rick Linn - Keyboards (sitting in for Steve McClelland)
John Mathis -
Sound Man

Canteen Fest 2010 - Band Reunion
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Cain's Children took to the stage again for a rip roarin' set!
Our set was:
No Matter What by Badfinger
Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image
You Won't see Me by The Beatles
Listen to her Heart by Tom Petty
Love Me 2 Times by the Doors
I Got a Line on You by Spirit

This year all the bands had really ramped up on their rehearsal time so all the songs sounded great! Songs like Mississipi Queen, Black Cloud, Blackwater, Reel'n in the Years, all were performed with precision. The Pipelines did an entire set of Beach Boys songs and
their harmonies were dead on.

SAMSTOCK 2009 - Sam Kinsey's - Teen Canteen Reunion
Cain’s Children got back together for a gig! It was not exactly the original line up, but very close. Doug Barnes, Kent Quereau, Mark Eastwood, and David Ludwig teamed up with Cliff Oliver and a few others to play on August 23rd at a tribute for Sam Kinsey, the guy that ran the Teen Canteen for all those years.
Floores Country Store / Honky Tonk Cafe & Bar, Helotes, TX

Mark posted "Under My Thumb" on YouTube. The beginning is a little out of sync. He is using the video from a hand held, non-professional camera and the sound was recorded through the feed at the sound board. Special thanks to sound wizard John Mathis who came and mixed for us despite recent surgery and whose work is like that of a magician - very quick hands with a magical outcome. John, hope you are healing well and thank you again. It comes together after the first verse. Not too bad for guys that haven't played together for 38 years. Relax, this is the last one for awhile. - Doug

"OK, my voice cracks, but I was hoarse by then! Still not bad for a bunch of old fat guys. Note the cowbell is always on the beat!" - Doug

See more videos on YouTube

Doug Barnes, Mark Eastwood, David Ludwig, Kent Quereau, Steve McClelland, and Lowell Relkin

In the AHHS Band Doug played Trombone, David played Drums and Mark played Trumpet and later Baritone Horn

First Gig: 1964 Jewish Community Center

Stories: Mark, I can't believe you left out the mini brute's experience in Schertz, or was it Converse, and the time Robin Harris threw one of David's base drum covers over a full 16 gallon keg of Lone Star during the load out at NIOSA! Now those are stories worth telling! - Doug

Above left to right:
Mark Eastwood – Bass and Vocals
Lowell Relkin – Rhythm Guitar (and some Keyboards)
Bob Barnes - Manager
David Ludwig - Drums
Doug Barnes – Lead Vocals
Kent Quereau – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Tommy Fielder - Alto Sax

Above Left to Right:
Back: Kent, Lowell, Steve. Front: Doug, Mark, David
Steve McClelland joined as Keyboard Player

Do you remember the Teen Canteen?!