Reunion Golfers

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9/15/11 Update "Handicaps"

Hey Mule Team,
I just wanted to ask everyone for their average score or handicap or if you have your handicap index, super, I will correllate into Brack.  I had not intended to use them for scoring as this is intended to be more fun than competitive, but I want to get everybody paired up well so they won't be too slow or too fast. 

I assume you are all aware that the game always stacks on the second and third holes, and then again on 8.  There will be tee times before us.  Not usually a huge stackup, but the par 3s tend to hold things up a little. 

If you are a higher handicapper, like me, if you get to bogey...then just pick up, because in the Stableford scoring, nothing counts after you get to bogey.  You score points for making bogey or less.  I expect my score to look more like a soccer match.  

For anyone with a Smart Phone, if you download the free app, Golf Logix, Brack in on the list and you can just use the free app to tell you distances and/or share distances with your group to speed things up for those not familiar with the course.  If you have never used Golf Logix previously, you may use the Champions version, which tells you how far to sand traps or water off the tee, etc.   Too detailed for me.  I find that very confusing.  I like just know how far to the middle of the green.  On the back at Brack, it is useful to have the full version because the River is in play on several holes.  

Of course, if you have another device has the distances, that is fine also.  I just wanted everyone to know the free program was available.  

I look forward to see everyone.  And don't forget to bring your digital cams and remember funny events.  I will be making up citations as I go to be presented in the evening.    I hope you can email or text your pics to me after the round. 




A Message from Max Wier, Blake Middleton, Bowen Moursund ~ 13 September 2011

My Fellow and Fella golfers,

Here's the deal.  Pay your green fee at the Golf Shop.  $48.66 per person total.  If you are signed up, you are responsible to pay for your round even if you decide not to show up at the last minute, rain excepted (please let it rain! Someday, please!)   If you are a member of the Alamo Golf Trail, you may use your discount by presenting your card.  (If you wish to look into joining the Alamo Golf Trail, just google Alamo... oh you can figure it out...) 

Blake is finishing putting together the Goodie Bags.  They will be free or at a small cost. 

We also ordered some caps of the highest joke!  They are Imperial Hats of Denver.  We ordered 1 dz ladies, 2.5 dz regular mens, and 6 XL men's hats.  
The hats will be white with the AH logo on the front and the years 1971-2011 underneath, both embrodiered in Blue.  We will have them for sale at La Fonda, at the game (if they will let us), the Brack Golf Course, and Pearl Park.  These will be nice momentos even if you don't wear them out of the house!  We collaborated with the class of 1961 to be able to order more hats and get the price down, but we just could not get a gross together to get the big break.  So the price will be $20 flat after shipping, tax, etc.  Anything we make over the cost will go to the class fund.  (P.S. These hats actually retail at $20 at the best golf shops in town, but they order regularly and have the art work, etc set up.)   If there is excess demand, we can reorder as long as we get at least 1 dz.  (The class of 61 took 10 minutes to order 6 dz as it is their 50th and more classmates are coming and, likely, glad to be alive...take my brother, please!)   We would appreciate enthusiastic participation so Blake, Bowen and myself don't end up holding the bag for the hats.

Format:  In order to speed play, we will use the Stableford Format which is 1 pt for a bogey, 2 pts for a par, 3pts for a birdie, 4 for an eagle and 5 for an Albatross.   The highest score wins, likely a dubious prize as we have not $$ alloted for prizes.  However we will be issuing citations for special talents or qualities we observe. 

If you have any questions, please call me.  I will be working on the groupings and may see if we may have some 3somes in the interest of saving time. 

Also, after play, if we finish around 12:30 or 1:30, we can go down the street to the Pearl Park(where everyone else will be) and I recommend the Conger Smoke Shack Sliders.  I like beef the best! 


A Message from Max Wier, Blake Middleton, Bowen Moursund ~ 23 August 2011

Mule Golfers of 1971,

.... I know there are golfers out there who want to play the redone Brack Course and Blake and I are conjuring up a Stableford format so you can be a hero if you have a good hole and pick up if you are not doing so well.  Blake is trying to put together a small goodie bag, which we will add costs to the green fee.  We are trying to make the goodie bag an optional thing if the powers that be at AHHS will take back the unused goodie bags. 

I was able to get a special rate of $45plus tax of 8.125% which is $48.66.   

I have 9 Tee Times guaranteed (36 green fees) with my credit card and have to pay for all that I do not release by 10 days prior to Sept 24th.   So, if you have not signed up by then, there will not be a spot for you. 

Please email me at or  with your intention to play and I will get info to you so you may mail me a check for the Golf!  

Last time we played at Brack, we retired to the "19th Hole" at Josephine St. Cafe for a light lunch and fellowship.  Perhaps an adult beverage, before going to take a shower before the big shindig at the Witte. 

Hope to hear from you soon!  

Cell: 210-559-8371
call or text if you wish 

Brackenridge Park Golf Course