Nancy Fresen

Nancy Ignacious Frese

November 27, 1953 - December 17, 1976

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Born: November 27, 1953
Parents: Paul and Antonina (Nina) Frese
Sibling: Teresa Frese
Education: AHHS '71 and Southwest Texas State University
Died: December 17, 1976, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX

Nancy was working at the courthouse in downtown San Antonio. She did not return home one night and could not be located. Her body was found at a construction site in February of 1977. A quilted jacket that she was wearing and her dental records identified her. Henry Lee Lucas supposedly confessed to her murder, however, it was never substantiated, and in fact is still disputed. Willie Roy Jenkins is a suspect.
1985 Article
June 2013 American-Statesman Article

Nancy in 1975

Below is a loving collage, created by Nancy's sister, Teresa Frese McMahon

Only the good die young, the words in a song that never had much impact for me until the body of our friend and classmate Nancy Frese was found alongside a rural road. Her murder remains unsolved in my mind. The notorious Henry Lee Lucas is said to have admitted his guilt but I can only wonder.... She was trusting of those she knew but was too street savvy to have been approachable by one of his kind. She would not have gotten into a situation such as he described. It's nearing 25 years ago but we remember her and miss her. She was such a very gentle person, a quiet soul, a steadfast friend, accepting us without question or judgment. I couldn't come to terms with the awfulness of it. What she endured was horrible enough, but also what her family suffered for those two months and then for years afterwards, haunting them until their deaths...and also for all of us, for the loss of our carefree youth. The real world had landed in our lap, we knew now firsthand that bad things do happen to good people.... until I realized that there must be a purpose for her untimely passing, and that it may not be up to us, here on earth, to know the reason.... just to know that... only the good die young... ~ Pat Thompson Hrdlicka

1972 ~ 1971 with a friend - who is the friend?

Nancy, age 19

High School involvements: Drama Club and Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
VICA Chapter 710 standing 4th from the right

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