Bill Baker


Bill Ryan Baker, Jr.

May 14, 1953 - December 27, 1981

Born: May 14 1953 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Parents: Bill Ryan Baker and Virginia Mann Baker
Graduated Austin College with a Major in English and a Minor in Chemistry
Employment: Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, Laredo, Texas
Date of Death: December 27, 1981, Laredo, Webb County, Texas
Cause of Death: Accidental Respiratory Failure

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A letter from Bill's Mother, August 16, 2001

Dear Ilse,

Enclosed is a picture of my son, Bill Ryan Baker, Jr., who graduated from Alamo Heights in 1971. You need not return it as it is a copy.
Bill Ryan graduated from Austin College. He majored in English and had a minor in Chemistry.
Following graduation, he was employed as a m... engineer in the oil and gas industry. He lived in Laredo, Tx.
He never married, but was engaged at the time of his death.
His death was accidental. He was having pain in his wrist and took a muscle relaxant. This medication was left in his apartment by his girlfriend. He had been drinking so the combination of medicine and alcohol caused respiratory failure.
Yes, he was a nice person, and we miss him very much.
Virginia M. Baker

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