Howard Adams

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Currently lives in San Antonio

BIO 2001:
I've been a student, cooked with chefs, bartended, driven big trucks, raised 3 children, home-schooled them, taught private school, studied to be a missionary, been a cabinet shop foreman, I have even been a janitor at my church, built houses and torn them down and after praying about your question about what I do now, the Lord told me I'm a servant. Not Mr. Adams, just Howard or Buster.
Currently I'm just trying to finish college, (student) you know. Heck, I'm just thankful to make it through today and hopefully get to see y'all. Yo class of 71 kick butt and take names. I don't want anyone to think I'm perfect or anything. I still haven't learned to walk on water or float. HA just a saint tryin' to let GOD happen, same as you!!!!! After graduation I worked for a law firm as an accident investigator while going to SAC for college basics. Then I cooked for Cappy Lawton for a few years you know Mama's, Hofbrau, The Backyard, and I even helped open the Cappy's ! in Heights. I worked with Jana for awhile. I quit and went to work driving an 18 wheeler long haul truck for locally owned Kinetic Concepts. I did that for about 10 yrs.
I am divorced and have three wonderful children: Sarah Maria, Joey Alexander, and Justin Taylor.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 2 yrs. before I got divorced, got fired because of a drug test and I lost my mom. "Hmm", I said and then the greatest thing happened to me. Just like those old boys in the movie "OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU", JESUS walked into my life and forgave me of all my sins. If it sounds like I'm braggin' it's because I am. Now I go to bed and get up every mornin thankin Him for my salvation YE HAH! If I were to give any advice it would start at the foot of the cross. That and learn to overcome adversity because we have a choice: start livin or start dyin, stop or start, stay down or get up and fight.

Since the 2001 Reunion, some things have happened (trigeminal facial neuralgia) that have only increased my faith. Maybe sometime I'll get to tell you the whole story. There's enough that would fill a book. In the book of Hebrews, chapter 13 at the end of verse 5 says, "... because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."........ Sounds like a promise to me ...... and to you, I hope you have the very happiest of New Year's. Howard


2012 ~ Howard & Arlene Adams ~ August 11, 2012

1991 Reunion ~ with Bubba & Kellis

2001 Reunion ~ w/brother Rusty & Ilse

2001 Reunion ~ Tour of High School with Rusty, Becky Shaver Benson, and Ammanda Renth